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Briefing on Case Disposal Performance and Statistics at the Kota Bharu High Court

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The 4th Meeting of Judicial Appointments Commission was held on 18th April 2018 (Wednesday) at Kota Bharu Courts Complex, Kelantan.

The meeting started with Performance and Statistics Reports of Kelantan High Court by The Honourable Dato’ Ahmad bin Bache, Judicial Commissioner of Kota Bharu High Court; and Performance and Statistics Reports of Kelantan Lower Court by YBrs. Tuan Haji Jamaludin bin Haji Mat, Director of the Kelantan State Court. The Right Honourable Chief Justice, Tun Raus Sharif, Chairman of the Commission was pleased with the presentation and reports of Kelantan Courts achievements.

The next program then continued with a Project Briefing of the new Kota Bharu Court Complex Site in Tunjung at 11.00 am. Public Works Department and Legal Affairs Division have organized the briefing on the status of the project. The briefing was given by YBrs. Tuan Ir. Kamaluddin bin Haji Abdul Rashid, Deputy Director of Public Works (Building Sector) and followed by a short visit of the commission members to the project site.

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