The Judicial Appointments Commission Meeting At Johor Bahru Courts, Johor

The Judicial Appointments Commission had held the twelfth meeting in 2016 at the Johor Bahru Courts, Johor on December 20, 2016 (Tuesday).

Prior to the meeting, all members of the meeting was accompanied by the staff of the Johor Bahru Courts to visit Division of Implementation and Auctions, Johor Bahru Courts Complex.

The next program continued with briefing at 9.00 am and meeting of the Judicial Appointments Commission at 11.00 am. The briefing was given by The Honourable Tan Sri Ahmad bin Haji Maarop, Federal Court Judge as Managing Judge for North Johor Courts and The Honourable Dato’ Setia Haji Mohd Zawawi bin Salleh, Judge of the Court of Appeal as Managing Judge for South Johor Courts regarding statistics on disposal of civil and criminal cases in all courts in the state of Johor.

In overall, The Right Honourable Chief Justice, Tun Arifin bin Zakaria, Chairman of the Commission was satisfied with the Johor Courts achievements. The meeting finished at 12.00 pm.

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