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Client Charter

  1. That the Meeting of the Judicial Appointments Commission is held at least ONCE a month.
  1. That the notice of Meeting of the Judicial Appointments Commission is sent to the Commissioners at least TEN (10) days from the date the meeting is scheduled to be held.
  1. To send acknowledgment letters within THREE WORKING (3) days from the date of receipt from proposers suggested candidates for positions in the superior courts.
  1. To ensure requests for confidential screening reports on the integrity of each superior court judge candidate are sent to the Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Companies Commission of Malaysia ant the Malaysia Department of Insolvency within ONE (1) day from the date of receipt of applications by the Judicial Appointments Commission.
  1. To ensure the report on the selection of superior court judges is submitted to the Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission within SEVEN (7) days after a Selection Meeting of the Judicial Appointments Commission.
  1. To ensure that the extension of tenure of Commissioners is submitted to YAB The Prime Minister THREE (3) months before the expiry of the appointment.New appointments must be made SIX (6) months before the position become vacant.
  1. To prepare the Commission's Annual Reports before the sitting of the First Term of Parliament the following year.

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