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Visit and Meeting of The Judicial Appointments Commission at The Kota Bharu Court Complex, Kelantan 17 February 2011

The Judicial Appointments Commission held its monthly meeting No. 2/2011 at High Court Kota Bharu pada 17 February 2011. The Commissioners visited several sections of the court such as the Registry of the Sessions / Magistrates Court and the Registry of the High Court. The aim of the visit was to look at the various ways undertaken by the courts in Kelantan to improve its delivery system.

At the Kota Bharu Court, the Commissioners were briefed on the measures taken to address the issue of cases which were considered old and how those acses were disposed of timely and efficiently as well as the use of Mediation in both the High Court and Sessions Court as a proven method to reduce backlog of cases. The Commissioners then witnessed the mediation process (court-assisted mediation) in an actual motor vehicle accident case conducted by Justice Zainal bin L. Saleh, Sessions
Court Judge, Kota Bharu. A briefing on the status of criminal and civil cases in the Kelantan courts and the effort to reduce the backlog of cases was later given by Justice Zaidi bin Ibrahim, High Court Judge, Kota Bharu and Datin Siti Mariam binti Haji Othman, State Director of the Kelantan Court.

The Commissioners were satisfied with the rate of achievement in the disposal of cases that were backlogged. In the civil mattes, only cases filed in the year 2010 were pending disposal whereas cases which were backlogged from previous years were fully disposed of. This was also the situation with the 28,081 cases involving traffic offences, of which all were filed in 2010.


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